Ozone therapy is one of the most effective treatments all over the world. Its medical properties have been studied since the mid-nineteenth century and gave scientists precious knowledge about O3 mechanisms. 21 century medical clinics utilize this tool to win aging processes, increase cells productivity, kill diseases.

Principles of Work

Ozon acts on the body cells level that helps it to eliminate 99% of bacteria, yeasts, viruses, cancer cells and mold in 10 minutes. Ozon procedure oxidizes the phospholipids, lipoproteins and cytochrome C, suppresses cell growth, breaks viral capsid, increases glycolysis rate and much more. This antibacterial special agent saved lives of cancer, Lyme, multiple sclerosis and hepatitis-C patients due to its immediate impact.

More Advantages

Ozone treatment is not a panacea and can’t be used without any additions. A combined individual program is a must and only medical professionals can manage such actions. How does it work? A certain amount of blood is taken from the patient and put in an infusion bottle. Then, ozone is injected into the bottle and mixed. This is how the person’s blood changes into bright red. Afterwards the cured blood is given back to the patient. This therapy is acknowledged as the safest medical treatment with the minimum of sides effects.