after ozone therapy
September 19, 2016

Ozone therapy is a beneficial therapy that helps to restore and oxygenate the body. It can help to help purify the body and remove toxins while promoting health and healing. After an ozone therapy treatment, it is important to take the proper after care steps to ensure maximum benefit of the therapy.


A therapy session is actually a very intensive process for the body. Metabolism speeds up, and a great deal of water is lost through sweat. It is very likely that your body will be dehydrated after an ozone therapy session. While temporary dehydration is not terrible, a failure to maintain hydration for hours can cause many health problems. You may be dehydrated even if you do not feel thirsty, and if you are thirsty, then you are certainly dehydrated.

Drinking a few glasses of cool, but not ice cold, water after the therapy is important to restore the water lost by sweating and stop dehydration before it causes any problems in the body. Having the water filtered is also important.

An easy rule to follow is simply to drink until you’re not thirsty anymore. For those who like to be more precise, you could weigh yourself before and after the therapy. The majority of weight lost will be water weight, so it is important to restore that weight or drink one ounce of water for every ounce difference in weight.

Clean the Skin

Sweating is one of the most powerful detoxifying effects your body can produce. During an ozone therapy treatment, the skin releases a great many toxins from inside the body. The problem is that these toxins remain on the surface of the skin. If they are not properly cleaned off, then they will be reabsorbed over time.

It is important to vigorously and completely wash in a warm shower after. Be sure that the water is comfortably warm but not hot. A hot shower will cause the pores to open and some of the toxins on the surface will be reabsorbed before they can be washed off. Use a gentle cleansing soap that is free of harsh detergents and is not labeled as antibacterial. It can be useful to use a cleansing brush or cloth to exfoliate the skin because much of the toxins may be built up around pores.

Oil and Massage

Although it may feel like extra and unnecessary pampering, having an oil massage or applying a healthy oil to your skin after an ozone therapy treatment is one of the best things you can do right after you step out of the shower.

Have you noticed that your skin tends to feel dry or itchy after a cleansing shower? Your skin needs oil to be healthy and stay hydrated. When that oil is removed, the skin may feel dry and scratchy.

Not just any oil will do for this part of the treatment. It is paramount to choose a healthy and beneficial oil. There are a variety of potential oils. The best oils tend to be coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, lanolin or jojoba. It may also be helpful to include small amounts of other therapeutic essential oils such as lavender or tea tree. These essential oils have excellent healing, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that not only restore the skin but help to protect it further.

The best way to apply this oil is with a massage. Massage completes the relaxing and detoxifying process by working muscles, joints and the lymph system and triggering them to release any toxins that may still be built up there. Of course, it is also relaxing and restorative in general.

Restorative Nutrition

Finally, it is important to think about eating after a session, and diet is an important part of a long-term detoxified and healthy lifestyle. Since the therapy boosts metabolism, many people want to eat soon after finishing.

Drinking fresh juices can be most beneficial. There are many options but a green juice or smoothie made with leafy greens like spinach along with celery, carrot, apple and other fruits and vegetables is best. These juices are easily and rapidly digested and provide a powerfully concentrated infusion of vital nutrients and minerals that were lost during the treatment.

Getting the most out of your ozone therapy treatment should be a long and relaxed process. Do not rush these after care steps any more than you would rush the therapy session itself. By following these tips, you can get the most out of the experience and achieve a full and healthful detox.


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