carboxy therapy for aesthetics treatments
September 13, 2016

Carboxy therapy is a rapidly growing niche in the therapeutic industry that involves the injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) into problem areas in the body for the purposes of cellular rejuvenation and regeneration. Carboxy therapy dates all the way back to the 1930s when renowned European therapeutic specialists working at the Royal Spas of France noticed that certain patients who would more frequently bathe in certain pools located on the premises showed markedly quicker recovery times. Upon further investigation, these pools were shown to contain water that was rich in carbon dioxide.

This link between this speedy recovery and the pools of carbon dioxide saturated water was soon narrowed down to the carbon dioxide itself. Somehow this toxic chemical which was previously thought to have only negative effects on carbon-based life was actually speeding up the human body’s healing process.

How CarboxyTherapy Works

Although it is assumed by many to be harmful, carbon dioxide is actually a natural chemical formula that usually appears in its gas form. Carbon itself is necessary to all forms of life on our planet, and carbon dioxide is Earth’s main source of carbon. Its chemical signature ‘CO2’ signifies one atom of carbon plus two atoms of oxygen in a tight bond.

Not only is the carbon dioxide compound essential to all life forms including animal life, plant life, and us, but carbon dioxide abounds inside of your body right now. Like your blood and your bones, carbon dioxide is a permanent fixture of your body and a perfectly natural part of being alive. As integral to the process of breathing as oxygen, carbon dioxide is expelled from our lungs when we breathe out just as oxygen is injected into our lungs when we breathe in.

Once all that precious carbon dioxide is released from our lungs, it is greedily absorbed by the plants that surround us where it is used to source energy and help them in the photosynthetic process. The textbook reverse of humans, plants “breathe in” carbon dioxide and then “breathe out” the oxygen that we require in a grand symbiotic cycle.

All of the many and various cells in our bodies need oxygen to function. Our heart needs oxygen to beat; our skin cells need oxygen in their constant process of rejuvenation; without oxygen, our brain would immediately wither and die. All of these cells use the oxygen inhaled by our lungs, converting it into the energy they need to do their specific jobs. Once the oxygen has been burned, these cells excrete a waste product rich in carbon dioxide that is returned to our lungs to exhale. As we inhale oxygen with every rich, deep breath and then exhale the carbon dioxide waste, we complete the cycle that brings together the plant and animal life on Earth.

All of this basic scientific information is important to help us understand how CarboxyTherapy works.

Many therapists recommend Carboxy Therapy as an antidote to common problem areas in the skin such as scar tissue and the build up of cellulite as well as the dark circles that are sometimes left under our eyes when we get tired. All three of these problem areas have been linked in a greater or lesser degree to a lack of blood flow to the area. Although there may be other partial causes for these issues, poor blood flow is believed to play a strong role in both their creation and their continued presence.

In Carboxy Therapy, therapists inject small portions of carbon dioxide gas into problem areas. This compound injection is able to trick your body into finally realizing the existence of a low blood flow problem in those areas. The presence of extra carbon dioxide acts as a catalyst that compels your body to send extra red blood cells to gather the extra carbon dioxide and sweep it away to be exhaled by your lungs. Not only does this neat trick increase the blood flow to your problem areas, but it also increases oxygen flow, which also aids in the healing process.

CarboxyTherapy Effects

We utilize Carboxy Therapy to specifically target the black circles underneath your eyes, reduce cellulite deposits, and naturally minimize blotches like stretch marks and other scar tissue. Carboxy Therapy can also be utilized to target other deposits of cellulite and fat both on your body and your face and diminish these areas in a non-surgical way.

Although it has many other uses, Carboxy Therapy is specifically helpful when used on problem areas in your face and neck such as your eyelids and under your jaw, as well as your arms, legs, stomach, and glutes.

Besides helping to increase both the flow of blood and the flow of oxygen to the areas specifically affected, another of the many CarboxyTherapy effects is the creation of an extra layer of collagen in the skin adjacent to the regions where it is injected. The presence of increased collagen in your skin is what gives it that fresh, smooth glimmer.

CarboxyTherapy for Under Eye Shadows

Carboxy Therapy targets vascular pooling. This pooling is considered to be a significant cause of the dark circles that tend to appear beneath your eyes. When the thin skin underneath your lower eyelids begins to suffer from low oxygen flow, a blue tint can begin to show through. Patients who use CarboxyTherapy for under eye treatments have found that greater blood flow improves the lower eyelid’s capillary network and increases its layer of dermal collagen. This in turn changes the blue tint to a pinkish tone that both looks and feels healthier.

For a lasting effect, a series of Carboxy treatments is needed. When administered correctly, Carboxy Therapy can give your skin a glow that will last as long as six months.

CarboxyTherapy for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused by the rupture of your skin’s dermal collagen layer brought on by, you guessed it, excessive stretching of your skin. Carboxy Therapy encourages brand new collagen to form, reconstructing your skin’s collagen matrix and subsequently thickening your skin. Patients who use CarboxyTherapy for stretch marks have benefited from a rapid, lasting improvement and the almost complete disappearance of the scar tissue.

CarboxyTherapy Effects on Cellulite and Fat

The toxic properties of carbon dioxide can come in handy when applied to the even more harmful cells of cellulite and fat. Applying Carboxy to cellulite and fat involves a slightly different and highly-effective technique that specifically targets these unnecessary buildups, causing them to break down into harmless smaller deposits that your body can quickly eliminate.

Carboxy cellulite and fat treatments usually involve six to 12 separate injections with a one-week rest period between each treatment.

Carboxy Safety

Your safety is important to us. The effects of Carboxy have been studied extensively, and to date, no harmful side effects have been found. Using Carboxy on the arms or legs often causes slight bruising at the injection site, but Carboxy eyelid injections can usually be done gently enough so as to avoid bruises or marks.

Carboxy is truly a risk-free therapy. Carbon dioxide injections have been successfully used for decades in endoscopic abdomen surgeries, invasive cardiology diagnostics, and many invasive cardiology therapeutic procedures.

CarboxyTherapy treatments usually last an average of 15 minutes to half an hour.


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