Baldness or thinning hair is an undesirable side effect aging, but it can happen to adults at any age and any gender due to genetics and lifestyle factors. A transplant is only a viable option if a patient has healthy donor hair that can be harvested from other areas of the head. Platelet rich plasma therapy is an alternative procedure that stimulates the growth of new hair in males and females that wish for more natural approach. This non-surgical hair restoration offers many benefits because the results are attractive and permanent.

What is PRP therapy?

Hair restoration provided through a platelet rich plasma treatment implements the natural stem cells and growth factors of a patient. Blood is drawn from the body of the individual so that it can be prepared for the treatment. It is spun in a special machine to physically separate the plasma that will be injected into the areas that are thinning or losing hair. The technician will apply a powerful anesthetic cream to the scalp so that injections do not cause any unnecessary discomfort. Results are evaluated after 4 months have passed from the initial treatment date, but it’s often recommended to schedule a session every 4 weeks for the best results. After the 4 initial sessions of PRP therapy, the specialist can recommend a long-term maintenance plan.

How does PRP therapy Treat Hair Loss?

The science behind platelet rich plasma hair restoration involves blood vessel reparation, increased collagen production, wound healing, and cell growth. As the follicles are stimulated through each treatment, the hair is going to grow in thicker and healthier. The PRP solution is beneficial as a stand-alone treatment of alopecia, and male pattern baldness.

What are the benefits of treatment?

  • Surgery is not necessary, so patients do not have to go through a long recovery
  • Gentle injections avoid scarring that can occur from a traditional hair transplant
  • Hair growth typically becomes visible within 3 months from the first treatment
  • PRP can be used to enhance the results of a traditional hair transplant surgery

Why choose Integrative Medicine?

Patients undergo PRP therapy for hair loss with us because our caring technicians are very knowledgeable about the treatment. Patients that don’t feel comfortable with traditional surgery can turn to Integrative Medicine & Aesthetics for safe, effective alternatives that aren’t painful or risky. We want to help our clients live happier and healthier lives through the various therapeutic solutions that we offer.