Localized Fat Reduction

Reduction of localized fat or mesotherapy is minimally invasive method, which warrants many very small injections of lipolytic agent into the fat pockets under the skin to liquefy fat cells and eject it from the body through lymphatic system.  Synergism of two components of Phosphatidyl Choline and Deoxycholic acid is used in this combination.  Aforementioned approach is very effective in removing excess fat anywhere in the body, it also could be used to eliminate lipomas as well.  Different from surgical approach, mesotherapy is very fast and straightforward, which requires no pre-op preparation, post op recovery, anesthesia and does not leave scars behind.

This procedure is geared towards elimination of small, adamant, undesirable fat deposits that are not eliminated by diet or exercise alone.  This approach is not applicable for weight reduction and must be used in conjunction with diet and exercise regimen for best results.

Usually treatments are repeated every four to six weeks, and treatment consists of one to four sessions, depending on personalized goals.