Lyme disease

Lyme disease is the biggest tick-borne diseases that is produced by the bacteria Borrelia Burgdergeri. Commonly these bacteria’s carried by Deer, that disseminate to human host at the same time fueling off the human. One of the first symptoms of Lyme disease is a skin rash which has a shape of a round halo around a tick bite area.

Other symptoms include the following:

Fever, chills, fatigue, diffused body aches, headache and rash, arthritis, and anxiousness.

When Lyme diseases recognized and addressed very early with the use of antibiotics it is treated successfully. But if Lyme disease is not recognized and not treated on time it becomes chronic with very strong autoimmune component, which in fact affects many systems of the body with spells of severe joint pain and swelling. Nonetheless the chronic Lyme is not the same as an acute. It is not just an infection that is able to cause all the other symptoms, and it is very rarely cured with antibiotics alone. To be able to treat chronic Lyme’s effectively a completely diverse method that implies addressing all the system of the body including but not limiting to: immune system, hormonal balance, vitamin and mineral deficiency, deficit in amino acids, balancing of gut flora and rebuilding of gut lining.

In Integrative Health Center NY we include Ozone therapy in the treatment of chronic Lyme disease, which serves as a back bone of immune therapy in chronic Lyme’s.